Taiwan Permanent Resident Certificate Requirements


As outlined in the printed guide available from the National Immigration Agency, these are the prerequisites for applying for an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC):

  1. Applicant must hold a proper, non student ARC.
  2. Applicant must be over 20 years of age.
  3. Applicant must not be an ROC national.
  4. Applicant must have resided in Taiwan for over 5 consecutive years for at least 183 days of each year - without any gaps in ARC.

Required Documents for an APRC

According to the government website, the following documents are required for a successful application for an APRC. Extra information, in italics, is available on a paper hand-out from the Ministry office in Taichung.

  1. A completed application form.
  2. One 2” x 2” colored photo, front head and shoulder, taken within six months. Hats may not be worn. White background only. Picture must include the head and shoulders.
  3. Old and current passports. Passports from the last 5 years. Originals and photocopies of any pages with ROC entry and exit stamps.
  4. Current ARC. Original and one photocopy.
  5. A satisfactory certificate of health examination. Form Type-B that is valid for 3 months.
  6. Income Tax Statement for the last one year (the last year's salary must be more than NT$429,120) OR Certificate of Personal Financial Estate (property must be over NT$5 million). If married to an ROC citizen, the financial estate can be combined.
  7. Criminal Record Certificate must be issued by:
    1. The government of the applicant's home country. It is valid for 6 months from the issue date. There must not be a criminal record for the last 5 years. The certificate must be notarized by the Taiwanese Embassy in the applicant's home country. The certificate must then be translated into Chinese. The translation must, in turn, be notarized in Taiwan.
    2. ROC Criminal Record Certificate. ROC Criminal Record Certificate is valid for 3 months and available through the Foreign Affairs Section of the Taichung City Police Bureau. Processing time is about 30 minutes.
  8. Approval letter from an authorized government agency (Work Permit) and Certificate of Employment.
  9. Household Registration if married to an ROC citizen.
  10. Processing fee: NT$10,000.
Timing Your Application

Applying for an APRC can be quite easy as long as you remain very aware of the validity of each of your documents. Here they are in order from longest to shortest:

  • 6 months - Native Criminal Record Check. Remember it must be translated and notarized.
  • 3 months - Health Certificate
  • 3 months - ROC Criminal Record Check.

I suggest that the Criminal Record Check from your home country be started before you do anything else. The Criminal Background Check, especially if done from Taiwan can take some time to complete. Once started, do the health check. It will probably take a week to get. Once you receive your documents from home, have them translated and notarized. While you are waiting, gather together your tax forms and make the appropriate photocopies. When you are done, apply for the Criminal Record Check in Taiwan.

Resources and Links

For further information regarding an APRC application in Taichung, you can call: (04) 2254-9981 Extension 517.

  • Comment from: Amber
    05/11/10 @ 09:31:56 am

    I couldn’t fine the Required Document NO.7(…over NT$415,000) in any other related regulations. Would you please tell me where this requirement is stated?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    05/12/10 @ 03:35:58 pm

    The extra information included in “Required Documents” item no.7 comes from a printed handout available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taichung (2254-9981 ext.517). Amber, thanks for pointing this out. I have updated this post.

  • 4 stars
    Comment from: Emma
    02/20/11 @ 10:46:39 pm

    So does this mean that if my current ARC has reached seven years, I don’t qualify and never will? I’m a bit freaked out right now… :(

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    02/21/11 @ 08:06:54 am

    As long as you ARC has been without any gaps in employment, you are eligible to apply for your APRC now. The two year deadline for applying is for those who have already left Taiwan.

  • 4 stars
    Comment from: Paul
    05/27/11 @ 10:46:56 am

    The certificate of criminal record from the U.S. is issued by the FBI, and is called an FBI Identification Record. Such a record will be signed by an FBI division official, but his/her signature will not be notarized. Will TECRO legalize such a record, even though it has not been notarized? If not, how does a U.S. citizen PARC applicant get a legalized certificate of criminal record? Thank you.

  • Comment from: John VandenBoom
    06/13/11 @ 11:38:54 am

    To Whom it may concern, Are there any revised/reduced APRC requirements for aliens who have legally resided inn Taiwan for 20 (uninterupted) years or more? It seems pointless to have a criminal record check from the FBI for the past few years if I have been a resident of Taiwan for 24 years. Thanks, John VandenBoom

  • Comment from: John S
    07/14/11 @ 08:01:35 am

    If one of the requirements is 5 consecutive years without any gaps in ARC, then that means that only people who have held the same job (with the same employer) for at least five years can apply. Is that right? Because if a foreigner changes jobs in Taiwan, it means they have to get a new ARC, which involves a trip out of the country, which also means at least a couple of days’ gap between one ARC and the next ARC. Or am I missing some detail here?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    07/14/11 @ 09:27:02 am

    It would help to hold the same job for 5 years; however, it is unnecessary. The ARC doesn’t change with jobs. Your work permit does. The ARC basically ‘holds’ your work permit. In order to get an ARC, one must have a work permit for a full-time job. An ARC can have a maximum of 32 working hours on it with 14-16 hours considered a full-time job. Most schools only report the minimum amount of hours to the Department of Labor. This means that your ARC can fit another 16-18 hours of work. This being the case, people are free to secure a second full-time work permit from another school/company. This second work permit is then amended to your ARC. Therefore, your ARC now has 2 full-time, legal, jobs on it. If you leave one school, the remaining full-time work permit will carry your ARC and you will not have to leave the country. In short, you should get a second full-time job before you leave your current job. Then arrange for your new start date to continue from, or overlap, your current job’s end date. Good Luck, Ah-Taiwan

  • Comment from: Jay
    08/01/11 @ 11:40:35 pm

    i have a minor possession offense on my record from 5 years ago. nothing since then. will that prevent me from getting a teaching job in taiwan?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    08/02/11 @ 07:52:36 am

    Only if you tell. Ah-Taiwan

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: sm
    08/05/11 @ 03:56:49 pm

    I have been a student in Taiwan for the last 5 years. I will be getting a job in Taiwan soon. After I have the proper non-student ARC will I be able to use those 5 years as a student with ARC towards the permanent residency or do all 5 years need to be working? Is there any other option for someone in my situation to obtain permanent residency? Thanks!

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: sm
    08/05/11 @ 03:59:40 pm

    I have been a student in Taiwan for the past 5 years. I plan to be getting a job in Taiwan soon. After I have the proper non student ARC, will I be able to use those 5 years of continuous living towards my permanent residency or must I start over from 0 with the work ARC? Are there any other options for students that now want to make their home in Taiwan?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    08/05/11 @ 11:46:43 pm

    As far as I know, student ARCs do not count towards your permanent residency application. Contact the National Immigration Agency or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get the latest info. Ah-Taiwan

  • 4 stars
    Comment from: aries
    08/09/11 @ 07:48:51 am

    Did i miss something about written or oral exams? i’ve been here for more than 5 years but cant hardly speak/understand mandarin. Can I still apply and pass?

  • Comment from: Dave
    08/10/11 @ 12:20:25 pm

    I am nearing my 6 year mark in Taiwan. I have always held an ARC however, perhaps small windows in between 3 jobs, but I have never had to leave on a Visa run. Is that the deciding factor? That a Visa run has never had to have been made -OR- is it more important that the SAME ARC number has always been for 5 years. I checked my records and it looks like my ARC number changed at one point. I have always been at the mercy of my employers and their ability to renew my ARC. My biggest worry is what constitutes a “gap” … thanks for all this advice.

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    08/20/11 @ 12:05:49 pm

    As far as I know, the “Gap” refers to any gaps in your work permit; your work record must be continuous for 5 years. ARC numbers may change. I am also trying to find out what constitutes 5 years: your entry date or the first day of employment.

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: Melvie Mitua
    08/21/11 @ 10:34:08 pm

    You mean if u dont have the 35/k per months salary you are not also qualified in applying permanent visa? What a damn!!

  • Comment from: Steve
    12/21/11 @ 10:14:22 am

    As of last month, the criminal record check is now valid for 6 months. See VI Notes section, #5. http://www.immigration.gov.tw

  • 3 stars
    Comment from: David
    04/06/12 @ 04:00:05 pm

    @Steve: it’s 3 months for the FBI background, that’s firm. Things missing from this article: (Item #7) This can be as simple as your W-4 - tax withholding statement) from the previous year of employment. (2) Local city police background in Taipei takes 2 days) (3) Letter (in Chinese) from your employers from the past 5 years showing dates of employment with company stamp. Do things in this order: 1.) FBI Background check. When you get it back send it to: 2.) TECO Office Washington, D.C. (For Americans) 3.) When you send it off to TECO rush out and do your health check, ROC background check, school letter employment and tax reports (All of these gov’t buildings are remarkably close to each other in Taipei) 4.) When the Certified FBI report comes back - send it out to be translated and certified (1/2 days max) - meanwhile get all your ducks in a row from the list. 5.) Call the Taipei Immigration Office - ext 3125 - ask for Ms. Wong (as of this date) to make an appointment for an interview - which is really only sitting down with you and reviewing the documents you prepared. Then wait - 3/4 weeks for a decision, then go back with your current ARC - Passport and $10,000. Then wait another 2 weeks to pick up the card - GO TO THE LABOR department after that and apply for an Open Work Permit WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO WORK ANYWHERE IN THE R.O.C. I just finished mine today - smooth as clockwork.

  • Comment from: Lily
    09/26/12 @ 08:14:10 pm

    Sorry, may I know what is ARC?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    09/27/12 @ 12:18:55 pm

    An ARC is your Alien Residence Certificate. Your identification card in Taiwan.

  • Comment from: Dave
    10/06/12 @ 12:32:43 am

    I have been married to a Taiwan national for about seven years and have not been out the country for more than three months per year. However I am self employed therefore cannot get a salary slip to prove that my salary is over the required amount. In fact sometimes it is well under and sometimes well over. We have a house that is valued at over five million NT$. The house is in my wife’s name as I was not aware foreigners were allowed to 100% own property. Is that acceptable or does the house have to be in my name? Or if it is in both names is the value split?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    10/06/12 @ 10:11:05 pm

    I believe that being married to a Taiwanese national changes things a bit. You will most likely need to verify this, but I understand that when you are married to a Taiwanese national, your combined income in addition to the property that your ‘household’ owns may in fact be acceptable. In Taichung, you can contact Peter Wang (04) 2254-9981 Extension 517. I am married as well, however, we are both Canadian and when we applied for our APRCs, we had to separate our incomes.

  • 4 stars
    Comment from: kate
    11/11/12 @ 11:08:59 am

    Do im qualified to apply APRC even if im no longer working in taiwan for 4yrs from now? but i was working there before for more than 8yrs since 1999 -2008….

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    11/14/12 @ 12:48:39 pm

    Good question. In their literature, the ministry states “up to 2 years” after leaving Taiwan. Call them or send them and email to know for sure.

  • 5 stars
    Comment from: yug
    01/10/13 @ 04:56:53 am

    i am comming taiwan from student ARC for geeting internship for 1 year , how can i able to get APRC , kindly guide . I am indian citizen and wish to immigrate to taiwan permenently .

  • Comment from: harry
    01/24/13 @ 02:49:49 am

    I’m a US citizen. Lived in Taiwan between 1989 and 1995 and married a Taiwan citizen. Plan to retire in Taiwan in 3 years and obtain an APRC. After we’re back in Taiwan if my wife dies before I do, can I remain in Taiwan? thanks

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    02/08/13 @ 12:58:00 pm

    Harry, the time that you spent in Taiwan between 1989 and 1995 does not qualify you to apply for an APRC; more than 2 years has lapsed. You do however, qualify for a JFRV, or Marriage ARC, through your wife. As for your APRC, you will be eligible after 5 years of living in Taiwan (at least 183 days per year). At that point in time, you can apply for your own APRC. I f your wife should die before then, I would assume that your ARC will also become invalid. However, I am not an expert.

  • Comment from: Mark Harbour
    02/11/13 @ 08:15:09 pm

    We have been missionaries in Taiwan since 1983. The longest stretch of living in Taiwan was: Nov. 9, 1983 to May 16, 1988. During that time, I never left Taiwan for even a day. We have been in Taiwan 278 out of the last 338 months. Do you think we qualify for an exception?

  • Comment from: Andy
    03/05/13 @ 02:02:27 pm

    I’m holder of 3 - 4 years of ARC with both full time and part time employment in TW, I do have some fixed assets (can increae to government prescribed level) here, I’m employed as senior executive with operation expertise. With all that and the commitment to stay for retirement as well, would that be sufficient for me to qualify for APRC and how could I go about it? Any help is appreciated.

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    03/05/13 @ 10:53:57 pm

    Andy, I don’t believe that ‘intent’ would strengthen your APRC application. The prime requirements are: 5 years unbroken ARC while residing in Taiwan for at least 183 days for each of the 5 years; income for the previous year in excess of $NT429,000 or property valued in excess of $NT5 million.

    The date that your resident visa (in your passport) became active is the first day counted toward your 5 years.

    Also, if you are eligible now, you may have to wait until May to get the Income Certificate for 2012 from the Tax Bureau. My wife’s application is now stalled until the form becomes available!

    Bottom line - if your ARC has been ‘gapless’ and valid for 5 consecutive years, and your previous year’s income meets the minimum requirements, you are eligible. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact your local Immigration Agency.

  • Comment from: Mark
    03/10/13 @ 11:20:08 pm

    We were in Taiwan for five consecutive years, five years plus 6 days, with no gaps exceeding 68 days, from Jun. 5, 1989 to Jun. 11, 1994 Do we qualify?

  • Comment from: Ah-Taiwan
    03/13/13 @ 09:17:40 pm

    Mark, as far as I understand the regulations, if you were eligible, you would have had to apply within 2 years of qualifying. However, the residency requirements back then were 7 years, not 5. So, I think you are out of luck.

  • Comment from: claude
    04/21/13 @ 09:40:15 pm

    Does a person on volunteer arc for over 5 years continual with foreign income and property over 5 million qualify to apply for parc?

  • Comment from: Karuna Nidhi
    09/05/13 @ 07:10:53 am

    Dear Sir/ madam, My brother is coming Taiwan for study purpose(master degree for 2 years). He applied for resient visa in India but they offer only Visitor visa because my brother does not have final certificate from university( In india it takes long time to get that from university so in begining university issued provosinal certificate in place of final certificate) . My question is.. can we apply here in Taiwan for resident visa as my brother have all other documents like Transcript from university, Complete medical checkup, Provisinal passing certificate, one letter from school to approve that final certificate is not yet arrived? Please let me know soon what all we need to get ARC.

  • Comment from: Jimmy
    10/07/13 @ 09:04:22 pm

    My wife is from overseas and I am a Taiwanese citizen. I was across at the immigration department the other day. They said for my wife to get APRC she will need to be in Taiwan for 3 consecutive years of 183 days or more in each year. Is this correct? Or is it 5 years?

  • Comment from: Brad
    10/21/13 @ 03:02:53 pm

    Hi, I have been in Taiwan for 2 years now with no gaps in ARC. I have been asked by my company to go and spend some time in China. My Taiwan ARC will remain active for the time I am in China. I have been told that in order to, after 5 years, apply for my APRC I cannot be outside of Taiwan for more than 3 months at a time. I would just like to know if this is correct, and if so, when I come back to Taiwan, before the three month date, do you know how long I would have to stay in Taiwan before being able to return to China without risking my eligibility for the APRC after 5 years?

  • Comment from: Ben
    11/07/13 @ 09:15:50 pm

    Hey guys, my situation is that I currently hold an employment ARC but I’d like to transfer to a spousal visa (my wife is Taiwanese). My question is that I have an arrest record (but not conviction) from 2011 for domestic assault, and this will surely show up on my background check. Would this prevent me from getting a spousal visa in Taiwan ?

  • Comment from: Shan Kyint
    12/05/13 @ 05:03:03 pm

    I’m a foreigner. My boyfriend is Taiwanese. We are going to get married in this year. First of all, I need to apply APRC? Can I follow my husband immediately after marriage? How many years do I need to wait to convert Taiwanese PR? If I stay as dependent, am I eligible to apply permanent resident? Can I hold APRC throughout my stay if I don’t want to convert to PR? Any rules and regulations to get stay in Taiwan after my marriage with my husband? Do I need to have work and income statement in order to get APRC? What will be the steps after my marriage to follow my husband to Taiwan? Thank you very much!

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